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Scaffolding Costs – Essential Information to Get a Good Quote

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There are times when standing on a chair or hanging out a window aren't quite enough to get to those difficult-to-reach places. Whether you're having some building work done or the exterior of your home's being painted, scaffolding it often required.

Though some decorators and roofers provide their own access towers, these small frames don't offer the flexibility many contractors need. This means it's a good idea to head to a site like South Coast Scaffolding and investigate scaffold hire prices.

What is Scaffolding? Scaffolding is a flexible system of steel poles and walking boards that allow tradesmen to work safely, at height, around a building. It's often used outside, but can also be useful for interiors; when trying to access vaulted ceilings, for example.

Cost Variables

As you might imagine, there are many factors affecting scaffolding prices. distance from central Dunedin can have a big effect on the final price, whilst height, flexibility and access considerations will also be reflected in the quote.

Length of Hire

Location can have an effect on the price, for example, out of town work may incur accommodation costs and extra travel costs.


Location can have a huge effect on the price, with outer areas of Otago being almost three times more expensive than Dunedin.

Number of Walking Levels

The more walking levels you require, the more expensive scaffolding will become. If you're just working on a chimney or roof, you'll probably only need one access and walking level. However, if you're having your house painted, two or more walkways will probably be needed.

Restriction of Public Access

We take care of all public access issues that may arise

Special Requirements

The easiest way to build scaffolding is to go straight up from a flat footing located on private land. However, there are times when special requirements are needed. These include having to bridge a gap over a driveway, conservatory or pathway. It's not hard to do when you've got specialist equipment.

Ease of Access

Another important aspect of scaffolding hire costs is how accessible a building site is. For situations where we can erect the frame quickly and simply, costs are straight forward. However, if there's no access to a side passage, for example, and everything has to be carried through the house, the entire project will may be effected.

Terms and Conditions


Our charge out rate for non-quoted items is $60 per hour plus transport and a fair rental for additional equipment required. Unless specifically stated in our quote there is no allowance for the following items which are payable by the Client:

Professional Engineers fees, specialist designs of scaffolds and propping

Traffic management costs and council permits

Scrim, sleeving or disconnecting electric power lines, microwave dishes or cellular antennae.

This quote and any contract are subject to the availability of labour and equipment at the time the Equipment is required. All quotes are provided on the attached terms of trade. Please ensure you read and understand them.


All scaffolds will be erected in accordance with the Good Practice Guidelines for Scaffolding in NZ.

WEEKLY INSPECTION FEE: A Scaffold Inspection Fee applies to all erected scaffolds each week.

Southcoast Scaffolding will take all practical care but will not be responsible for damage to roofs.

Southcost Scaffolding will take all practical care but will not be responsible for damage to the gardens.

Parking to be supplied within 10m of site by client, or additional charges may apply ie; inner city parking coupons / labour for extra carry. etc

Price assumes all work will be carried out in normal hours.

Retentions will not apply to this contract.

This quote is subject to the attached Terms and Conditions of Trade

STREET CABLES within 4 metres of Scaffolding being built: Client to arrange with Local Authorities/Councils for a Close Proximity Permit, and pay any associated costs to make network (street) cables safe. Garage/Carport will be blocked by Scaffold


CASH SALES TERMS: Payment due within 3 days of Invoice Date. Erection, Dismantle & Collection Costs will be invoiced in full upon completion of scaffold erection.


If you have any queries or comments regarding our Quote, please submit and we will be in touch as soon as possible


By acceptance of the our quote you are accepting our terms and conditions


In these terms of trade, the following terms have the meanings ascribed:

"Equipment" means all items which are supplied by us to you for or associated with hire including, but not limited to, all scaffolding, planks, tubes, clips, tools, parts, accessories, manuals, instructions, plant, machinery, packaging and all replacements of the above.

"We", "us" means Southcoast Scaffolding, its agents, successors or assigns

"You" means the person(s) or entity(ies) named on the attached quotation

1. Hire and Erection

We agree to supply the Equipment to you in good order and condition. Only our staff may erect, modify or dismantle the Equipment. All erect and hire services are subject to the availability of our equipment and labour capacity.

If agreed as part of the quote and acceptance of hire we will erect and/or dismantle the Equipment for you in accordance with the law. We shall not be required to erect or dismantle the Equipment in an unsafe place, unsafe manner or during unsafe weather or other conditions. You agree to provide us with a suitable site for the erection of the Equipment including, but not limited to, a stable substrate and a clear work area.

You agree to use the Equipment for the purpose of access only. We accept no responsibility for unsafe or improper use, adjustment, erection, dismantling or modification of the Equipment. You agree to advise us immediately of any damage, vandalism or unauthorised modification to the Equipment and will not use the Equipment until we have checked, replaced or repaired the damaged or modified items.

You will, at your own expense notify any government or local authority of the erection or use of the equipment. If we do so on your behalf, we may charge a reasonable fee. If traffic management, engineering or other professional advice is required for the transport, erection, dismantling or use of the Equipment then, unless specifically included in our quote, any fees or expenses in relation to such advice are payable by you. You will, at your own expense procure the permission of any landowner, lessee or licensee of any land upon which the equipment is to be used, stored, transported or erected.

You agree to safeguard the equipment and keep it in good order and condition. All equipment must be maintained and cleaned by you and at your expense. You are responsible for all damage to, loss or theft of the equipment howsoever caused while it is on hire to you or in your possession. You will not damage or deface any markings on the equipment. We may inspect the equipment at any time and you agree to provide access for that purpose.

We may tag a part or parts of the scaffold as safe to use and hire for that portion of the scaffold will start on such date. If you use scaffold for any works prior to it being tagged as safe then you do so at your own risk and are liable for hire from the date of first use.

2. Payment

You agree to pay all charges for the erection, modification, dismantling, transport, Replacement, repair and rental of the equipment. Additional rental and other charges are payable within 1 day of invoice. Extra work will be invoiced as soon as it is carried out Rental charges are invoiced on a monthly basis Unpaid invoices will incur interest at 1.5% per month from the due date. You will reimburse us for all collection costs (including legal costs incurred on a solicitor and client basis) incurred by us in recovering outstanding amounts. If no rate has been agreed for extra work it will be charged at $60.00 per hour + materials + travel + GST. Extra work includes all modification, moves, repairs or adjustment of the Equipment, which are not itemised in the quote. Any additional equipment will be charged at our standard rates of hire.Unless specifically stated in our quote all labour rates are based on working between 7.00am and 4.30pm Monday – Friday excluding public holidays. Work and travel time outside these hours will be charged at an additional $30.00 per hour You will pay us the retail or repair cost of all equipment which is lost, damaged or stolen while on hire to you. Until such payment is received by us you will continue to be liable for all hire charges in relation to that equipment.If damaged equipment can be repaired you will pay us an amount which is a fair reflection of the depreciation in value of that equipment as a result of the damage. Such payment is in addition to any hire or repair costs payable by you.

3. Termination

We may terminate this and/or any other hire agreement between us immediately if you do not make payments on the due date, fail to comply with your obligations in this agreement or suffer an event of insolvency. In such a case we may immediately take steps to recover the equipment.

4. Weather Protection

In the case where we provide weather protection the following terms apply:

• Engineers fees for scaffold design and inspection and the costs of any additional bracing required by the Engineer are payable by you • Weather protection systems are not guaranteed to be watertight and we take no responsibility for damage caused by water ingress. 5. Miscellaneous

You will not remove the equipment from the site where it was originally delivered or erected without our consent.

We will use our reasonable endeavours to supply and dismantle the equipment at the time you require it, however, we are not liable for any costs, losses, damages or claims in relation to any failure or delay in supply or dismantle of the Equipment.

The Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 shall not apply if you are hiring, or hold yourself out as hiring, the equipment for the purposes of a business. These terms of trade supersede all other terms and conditions and cannot be varied or modified except in writing signed by both parties. If you are more than one legal person or entity then your liability is joint and several.

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